Addressable Manual Call Point (Weatherproof) – MBG817

Two versions of intelligent addressable callpoints are available in this range, the (MBG813) which can be either surface or flush mounted and the (MBG817) which is a weatherproof version.

Both the (MBG813) and the (MBG817) are compatible with the Eaton range of intelligent addressable fire systems.

These intelligent addressable callpoints are attractively designed, simple to install and are supplied as standard with a frangible glass element and a test key for ease of maintenance.

A comprehensive range of accessories are available to maximise the functionality of the callpoint for particular applications.

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Simple to install and service


Surface, recessed, indoor or outdoor


Separate loop in and loop out

Simplicity is the key

Eaton’s addressable call point range gives you the freedom to choose between a replaceable glass fragile element or a polycarbonate resettable element for ease of reuse.

It also comes with a reset key which gives you the ability to test the call point, reset a tripped call point, or remove the front cover to replace the glass element. Whichever version you choose, you can enjoy ease of operation.

Indoors or outdoors, install to suit the setting

The addressable call point range can be surface mounted using supplied back box, or recessed into a standard UK single gang back box. An IP65 outdoor option is also available to protect against harsher conditions such as water jets and dust.

Save time and prevent potential errors with soft addressing

To set up a system with hundreds of devices, soft addressing is essential. Hard addressing requires an engineer to manually set the address of a device on the system, which can be time consuming and a potential cause of addressing errors if working on a system of up to 200 devices. Soft addressing automates the process of assigning addresses with an auto-learn process, and is controlled from the panel.

Protect the performance of your system with a short circuit isolator

Short circuit isolators are featured in all of our addressable devices, and ensure that the integrity of the loop is protected from faults that would stop the system from working. In the event of a short circuit, the isolators ensure that adjacent devices in the loop will still function so that the fire detection and alarm system is not lost due to one device.


• Quick and simple to install
• Single tool for test and access
• Robust construction
• IP65 version available
• Easy to maintain/service


• Soft addressed
• ntegral short circuit isolator
• Single address
• Fast fit clip on front cover
• High visibility status LED
• Wide range of accessories
• Heavy duty terminals
• Two models available:
– Internal
– Weatherproof


1. Surface callpoint has standard rear BESA fixing facilities. In addition, back box can accept top or bottom surface entry cables. Surface callpoint can also be flush mounted.
2. Callpoint has test facility via special test key to prevent unauthorised operation.
3. Insertion of test key for test purposes and for cover removal is at bottom of callpoint to facilitate ease of access when mounted next to door architrave.
4. Test key is dual function, used to test callpoint operation by simulating activation and also to allow removal of clip on cover to gain access to element.
5. Element is held in place by clip on self locking cover which can only be removed by use of a special tool (callpoint test key).
6. Separate loop in and loop out terminals are provided for all connections including screen continuity on intelligent
addressable callpoints.
7. Surface/flush callpoints are IP42, weatherproof is IP65.


Certification Reports

Brexit Update, 2831-CPR-F2638 – CBG370WP-O
Brexit Update, 2831-CPR-F2635 – CBG370S, All Brands
Brexit Update, DoP0149, CBG370WP, MBG817, FXN503, EN
Brexit Update, DoP0424, CGB370-O, EN
Brexit Update, DoP0425, CBG370WP-O, EN
Brexit Update, DoP0316, CBG370S, MBG813, FXN501, EN

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How to reset an Eaton manual call point

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