VAD wall sounder beacon MASB880/MASB880WP

There are also two versions of our intelligent addressable wall sounder, the internal (MAS850LPS) and the weatherproof (MAS850LPSWP). Their highly efficient design offers excellent sound output levels despite the low current consumption. They both contain an integral short circuit isolator and have multiple tones and volume levels which can be controlled from the panel globally, or individually via site installer.

We also offer a new open class Visual Alarm Device (MASB880), combining the high output sound of the wall sounders with a stronger LED to meet the EN54-23 VADs requirements. The open class functionality allows the VADs to be installed in open areas such as warehouses or airport terminals.

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3 different tone options & separate volume control


Self locking press fix assembly


Programmable using cause and effect tables

'Loud and clear' wide area fire notification

A high output fire certified sounder that’s capable of achieving 100dB to alert across large open spaces, or in areas of high ambient noise. It minimises the use of multiple sounders and is ideal if there is limited circuit capacity.

Easy to install with quick fit locking

The ultra-low current conventional fire alarm sounder has been designed for ease of installation with fast closure through its quick fit self-locking feature, and ease of wall mounting using its first fix back plate.

Typical applications

The MASB880 is an addressable open class VAD suitable for all markets where EN54-23 VADs are now a requirement. White flash only.
(The MASB860 wall sounder beacon is also available for indication purposes, where EN 54-23 is not a requirement. Red flash only.)

Description H (mm) W (mm) D (mm)
Wall sounder 105 105 95
WP wall sounder 108 108 103
VAD sounder beacon 108 108 96
WP VAD sounder beacon 110 110 105


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