Addressable 8 Way Mimic Relay Board (4 In, 8 Out) – CIOP8

Eaton’s addressable mimic relay boards are 4 and 8-way soft addressing output modules that incorporate integral short circuit isolators.

Both relay boards are fully compatible with the current range of Eaton addressable control panels. The units are suitable for switching low voltage (24Vdc at 1A maximum), via a set of non-latching relay contacts.

The flexibility of these modules is further enhanced by the fact that each output can be programmed for a range of triggers. These triggers are disablement, fault, fire, test panel, test zone pre-alarm, fire routing equipment, fire protection equipment and reset, with up to 16 different trigger sources per output

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16 settings per output


4 or 8 output versions


Pluggable terminals

Simple, flexible programming

The mimic relay board range is available in 4 and 8 relay versions, and can be programmed using the CF3000 programmable site installer software and downloaded using the RS232 port. The trigger source can be global, by panel, by loop, by zone or by address and the rule logic is available in both OR & AND functions.


• Quick and simple to install
• Pluggable terminals for ease of wiring
• Programmable via site installer software
• Cost effective installation solution

Configuration Instructions

1. At the mimic relay board:
– Change the jumper on J10 from LOOP to RS232 SETUP and place a jumper on J2.
– Press the RESET button on the mimic relay board and connect a serial cable.
2. In site installer:
– The configuration is not stored in the control panel and must be downloaded to the mimic hardware directly.
– “right-click” on the icon within site installer and select “upload rules to repeater”.
– The download from site installer will commence and a confirmation message will be displayed if successful.
3. At the mimic relay board:
– Remove the serial cable to the graphical relay board.
– Change the jumper on J10 from RS232 SETUP back to LOOP and remove the jumper on J2.


• Loop powered
• Units can be soft or hard addressed
• Integral short circuit isolator
• Single address
• 4 input, 4 output version
• 4 input, 8 output version
• PCB version incorporates 4 inputs:
– Reset
– Silence
– Evacuate
– Test
• 16 settings per output
• Trigger types: fire, fault, disablement, test, prealarm, FRE, FPE, reset
• Trigger source: global, by panel, by loop, by zone,
by address
• Logic functions (OR and AND)


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