Addressable Detector Base – FXN720

The intelligent addressable sensor standard base (FXN720) has been designed for flexibility, simplicity and speed of installation. This intelligent addressable standard base incorporates a purpose designed shorting link to ensure wiring continuity if a sensor is removed. This device also has a retaining clip to provide positive feedback when the sensor is correctly fitted and a retaining clip that can be replaced with locking device (supplied with base) to prevent unauthorized sensor removal.

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Addressable Detectors: Bases

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Detect and alert from one device


Settings for tones and volume


Easy to fit, first-fix base

Pay less for installation

Ideal for use in commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants and retail outlets due to its discreet appearance and ability to reduce installation points. The device features a first fix base and has a single point connection for the sensor and sounder, saving on both time and installation cost.


• Quick and simple to install
• Common mounting base for
Eaton: JSB intelligent
addressable sensors
• Positive “lock” indication
• Multiple cable entry points
• Easy to maintain/service


• Integral sensor shorting link
• Separate loop in and loop out terminals
• Stand off fixing feature
• Accepts side entry cables
• Selectable sensor locking feature


1. Separate terminals are provided for loop in and loop
out connections.
2. Each terminal can accept up to 2 x 2.5mm cables.
3. Base incorporates a substantial cable entry aperture in
the rear of the base.
4. Breakouts are provided to enable the sensor base to
sit neatly over surface cables and then enter via the rear
entry aperture.
5. Base mounting incorporates a stand off feature to help
prevent distortion when mounted on an uneven surface.
6. Fixings are suitable for standard BESA box or direct
fixing to suitable surface.


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