Addressable Micro Single Channel Output Unit (Sounder) – MCOM-S

The MCOM-S is identified by the panel as a sounder, and does not reset on silence, resets on reset only.

An extensive range of micro interfaces are available to support the Cooper range of control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements.

The MCOM is a single output, soft addressed, micro interface, incorporating integral short circuit isolators. It is extremely compact and therefore ideal for incorporation into other equipment.

The MCOM is fully compatible with the current range of Cooper intelligent addressable control panels. It is suitable for switching low voltage (24V dc at 1A maximum), via a set of non latching relay contacts. It is suitable for switching HVAC control circuits, plant shutdown control circuits, fire door closure etc.

Optional Variants
The MCOM-R gives a 5 second pulse on reset, and is used for connecting/resetting beam detectors.

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Easily incorporated into building décor


Quick and simple to install


Programmable using cause and effect tables

Get devices and panels talking


The flexibility of the Micro Interface range means that the units can be used in a range of different applications. The interfaces can be ideal for tall buildings, and act as a connection message to other devices that feedback device status to control panels, and can activate devices. 

They can be ideal for use in tall buildings that have extractor fans to filter out any smoke from fire. The output unit will receive feedback from the control panel and can act as a switch to activate a fan when there’s a fire. The input unit will then feedback to the panel whether the fan is active or if there are any faults. 

Small in size, clever in design

Eaton’s range of fire system micro interfaces combines compact size with easy installation. Featuring no requirement for hard addressing, the units are small enough to connect through a single strand fireproof cable up to 2.5mm².


• Quick and simple to install
• No hard addressing required (Plug and play)
• Compact size
• Programmable by Eaton site installer software as technical input/non fire input


• Soft Addressed
• Integral short circuit isolater
• Single address
• Suitable for monitoring:
– Flow switches
– Non fire inputs
– Auxillary panels
• Up to 200 units per loop


1. Suitable for switching 24V dc control circuits (fire door retainers etc).
2. Connections suitable for single strand fireproof cable up to 2.5mm2.
3. Loop and output cable screen must be connected to interface earth terminals.
4. The relay output is a set of change over, non-latching, volt free contacts which are non monitored.
Note: No addressing of the interface is required (see control panel operation for details)

Micro Single Channel Input Unit MCIM
Micro Zone Monitor UnitCIU872
Micro Single Channel Output UnitMCOM
Micro Single Channel Output Unit (Sounder)MCOM-S
Micro Single Channel Output Unit (Reset)MCOM-R
Micro Single Channel Output Unit (Fan Controller)MCOM-FC
Mini Module Box Units (Empty Box)ULBU
Description:Micro Single Channel Input UnitMicro Zone Monitor UnitMicro Single Channel Output Unit
Standards:EN54 Pt17& Pt 18EN54 Pt17 & Pt18EN54 Pt17& Pt 18
Operating Voltage:18.5Vdc to 30Vdc18.5Vdc to 30Vdc18.5Vdc to 30Vdc
Quiescent Current:310µA2.6mA (nom)310µA
Operating temperature:-10°C to +60°C-10°C to +60°C-10°C to +60°C
Trigger Resistance:5K6Ω
End of Line Resistor:22KΩ
Short Circuit Fault Threshold Resistance:                                            1KΩ
Open circuit Fault Threshold Resistance:33KΩ
Load with 20 Detectors and Unlimited Callpoints:3.2mA (nom) 
Switching Voltage:24Vdc to 30Vdc
Contact Rating:1A
Switching Power:30 Watts
Alarm Load with 20 Detectors and Unlimited Callpoints:8.0mA (nom)
Detectors per Zone:20 (max)
End of Line Monitor:Active end of line unit – EOLM-1
Fire Input Trigger Resistance:680Ω (nom)
Short Circuit Fault Threshold Resistance:100Ω (max)
Open Circuit Fault Threshold Resistance:39KΩ (min)
Humidity (Non-condensing):0 to 95% RH0 to 95% RH0 to 95% RH
Construction:PC / ABSPC / ABSPC / ABS
Dimensions (HxWxD):65mm x 35mm x 18.5mm65mm x 35mm x 18.5mm65mm x 35mm x 18.5mm
Ingress Protection:IP40IP40IP40
Recommended Loop / Cable Type:Fire Tuff, FP200, MICCFire Tuff, FP200, MICCFire Tuff, FP200, MICC
Suitable for use with:Eaton addressable fire systemsEaton addressable fire systemsEaton addressable fire systems


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