Addressable Passive Repeater – CF3000PRG

The CF3000PRG is a cost effective passive repeater panel which can be programmed via its informative display to be either fully passive (display only) or semi passive (restricted system control).

When loop connected the repeater panel will display the system information text of the connected control panel and will provide a fire indication, with panel number, of any connected network control panel that has fire activation.

The CF3000PRG repeater panel only requires programming with local text information.

In addition to the repeater panels main menu driven 2 x 40 backlit LCD display, which provides system status information, it also has 6 supervisory LED’s (power on, alarm, fault, supervisory, test in progress, and scroll).

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Addressable Repeater Panels

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3 different modes of operation


Duration of 24 hours


Surface or semi-recessed mounted

Entry-level repeater panel for cost-effective installations


Repeater panels play an important role in public areas such as hotel lobbies and bars where it may be damaged or fail and in situations where the main panel can’t be positioned close to the main entrance.

CF3000PRG offers passive indication of events through its 6 supervisory LED’s including power on, alarm, fault, supervisory, test in progress and scroll. While also offering semi-passive functionality with the ability to silence, evacuate and reset to the network or host panel.

ess time wiring and setting up, more time doing other jobs

Loop and network connected versions are available for this repeater panel, and a maximum of 20 repeaters can be connected to a loop. An integral battery and power supply is supplied with the CF3000PRG and it requires no programming (network version only) and is easily set up without a laptop, reducing wiring and installation costs. Enabling installers to complete jobs quickly and move onto the next one – maximising time and turnover.

Secure without the hassle of a physical key

The compact economy panel has a numeric access code, meaning no lost keys which could prevent urgent access. Engineer mode can enable the password to be changed if required, and allows access to text download menu. When connected to a network, all text is transmitted via network and changes to other network panels update automatically.

Features and Benefits

•  2 x 40 Backlit LCD display
• 6 Supervisory LED’s
• Loop and network connected versions available
• Maximum of 20 repeaters can be connected to a loop
• Integral battery and power supply
• Can be surface or semi-recessed mounted
• Limited system control in supervisor mode:
– Silence
– Evacuate
– Reset
• Compact economy panel
• Menu driven LCD display
• Requires no programming (netowrk version only) and is easily set up without a laptop
• Reduced wiring and installation costs
• Numeric access code (no lost keys)


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