Addressable Wall Sounder VAD (Red Plastic, White Flash, Open Class) – CASB393

The new intelligent addressable open class visual alarm device (CASB393) combines the high output sound of the wall sounders with a brighter LED. It is compliant to EN54-23, 3 and 17 making it suitable for use as a Fire notification device within Europe.

The CASB393 offers low current consumption, maximising the number of devices that can be fitted on a loop and provides a flexible solution due to it soft addressing, multiple tone and body options.

The open class VAD comes in two variants, the standard CASB393 and the weatherproof CASB393WP, which is IP66 rated meaning it is ideal for outdoor locations.

With both variants, the open class VAD is suitable for all markets where EN54-23 VADs are now a requirement.

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IP66 version available


EN54 approved


Easy to service

A high efficiency unit – customized by you

Encompassing 4 selectable tones (continuous, pulsed, two tone and slow whoop) and 3 adjustable volume settings (low, medium and high) that can be controlled by the panel, these sounders are ideal for use in schools and offices. The range is flexible to the volume and type of application required. All customisable sound settings can be changed by the panel meaning theres no need to access the sounder to alter the settings.


• Quick and simple to install
• High efficency audio/visual unit
• Low current consumption
• Selectable tones controlled by the panel
• Adjustable volume controlled by the panel
• First fix back box
• IP65 version available
• Easy to maintain/service


• Loop powered
• Soft addressed
• Integral short circuit Isolator
• High efficiency design
• High output LED beacon
• Simple clip fixing assembly
• Two models available:
– Internal
– Weatherproof


1. Installation is simple using first fix base.
2. First fix base is fixed to mounting surface using 2 fixing
3. Cable entry can be rear or side.
4. Connections are to connector block on main sounder body.
5. Main body is then clipped into position on mounting base,
body locks into position when pressed home.


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