Conventional 16 Zone Control Panel – CF50016

The FXP50016 (CF50016Z-NB) conventional control panel is a 16-zone panel. The panel features an array of user-friendly features. The attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, with metal back box, has been designed through intensive voice of the customer research to provide ample space for termination of cables. The FXP50016 comes with a zonal relay card as standard allowing outputs to be switched on a by zone basis.

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Contemporary, compact panel for the largest conventional fire alarm systems


Developed with extensive user feedback, Eaton’s 16-zone conventional fire alarm panel is modern, slim and easy to use.

Its clean white housing was chosen to complement contemporary interiors of building old or new, whilst initiative 6 button interface and LED indicators are designed to be easy to use and diagnose with.

Supervisor mode - Secure access to fast weekly one man testing

Featuring a normal and supervisor mode facility, the panels supervisor mode can be accessed with a 4 digit security code to prevent unauthorised use. In the mode, a one-shot weekly test function can be initiated by the facility manager enabling time for a call point to be put into fire condition and correctly reported on the panel. After which the system automatically resets and returns to its normal state.

Instant recognition, for fire and non-fire applications

Designed for not just fire applications, with the addition of a conventional bell the 16 zone panel can also be used to sound class change in schools or to signal shift changeover in factories.

BiWire Flexi – Your simpler, cheaper, more versatile choice for new & old fire projects

Whether fitting out a building extension, retrofitting an outdated system or looking to benefit from the cost and time benefits of two-wire technology on a new build and want to utilise certain conventional devices; BiWire Flexi gives you the power to adapt the system to the site.


  • . Zonal relay card as standard
  • . One-man test facility
  • . Non-latching zone feature
  • . Class change input
  • . Fire and fault relays
  • . Discreet enclosure

User Interface

  • . Stylish and compact panel with 6 touch button keypad control of all functions and LED indication
  • . Simple one-shot weekly test with auto-reset facility
  • . Comprehensive power, fire, and fault LED indicators and integral piezo buzzer for on-board fire or fault indication
  • . Battery high/low voltage alarm facility
  • . Log book storage facility in front panel
16 Zone control panel for conventional fire alarm systemsCF50016
Description:16 zone control panel 
Standards:EN54 Pt2 1998, A1:2006
EN54 Pt4 1998, A1:2002 +A2 2006
Number of Zones:16 
Detectors per Zone:30 
Number of Alarm Circuits:4 
Alarm Circuit Load:150mA per circuit, 0.3A total / 400mA per circuit, 0.8A total / 500mA per circuit, 2A total 
End Of Line Devices:Detection circuits: EOLM-1
Monitoring unit Alarm lines: 6.8Ω resistor
Auxiliary Fire Signal / Fault Output:1A 24V dc single pole changeover contacts 
Auxiliary DC Output:50mA 
Mains Input Voltage:230Vac – 15% +10% 
System Operating Voltage:24Vdc 
Standby Duration:24 hours 
Operating Temperature:5°C to +55°C 
Humidity (Non-condensing):0 to 75% RH 
Construction:Polycarbonate housing & metal box 
Dimensions (HxWxD):Surface: 276,mm x 375mm x 136mm
Cut-Out: 232mm x 335mm x 96mm
Ingress Protection:IP30 
Cable Entry:Top: 12x20mm entries with blanking plugs
Rear cable entry aperture



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