Conventional 6″ Bell – CFB6D24

Delivering an instantly recognisable sound, bells still remain a popular choice for many applications such as schools and factory floors where they are commonly used as a signal for non-fire purposes such as class or shift change.

The Fulleon CF Bell incorporates a highly efficient rotary centrifugal movement combining high sound output with low current consumption.

Available in 12v or 24v options, its mechanical 6-inch bell can produce up to 95dB and can be installed easily with its multi-fixing baseplate.

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Conventional Alarms and Beacons

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Cost effective fire sounder solution


Suitable as a notification device in multiple applications


Compliant fire bell that meets the requirements of EN54-3

Reliable signaling that's withstood the test of time

The CF Bell incorporates a rotating hammer which, when activated, produces an effective and reliable ringing tone. Its sound output, up to 95dB(A), ensures clear notification is given to the surrounding area.

Instant recognition, for fire and non-fire applications

Whilst you might be looking for a fire bell for notification purposes in event of an emergency, there may also be other applications that you would find it useful for. Centrifugal bells are popular in schools to signal class-change and are also used for timed sports events and factory shift change amongst other applications.

EN54 - the life saving fire standard

EN54 is the mandatory European Standard for all components within a fire alarms systems. In fact it has been adopted by countries around the world thanks to its stringent manufacturing quality audits and battery of laboratory product tests. You can bet your life that our EN54 certified products will alert when it matters most.


• Delivers up to 95dB(A)
• Easily recognisable sound for instant recognition
• Easy to install with a multifixing baseplace
• Flexible usage


• High sound output
• Classic design
• Simple installation
• For fire or non fire use


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