Conventional Heat Sensor (Fixed Heat, 92°C) – EFXN526

Eaton has a large range of detectors for conventional fire alarm systems designed to meet the demands of nearly any application. In the range, there are two main options either the flexible, easily switchable 5 in 1 detector that brings together all the detection mode or the straightforward single detection mode range. Both options include optical, photo-thermal and heat modes.

The most popular is the optical detector mode which is suitable for most commercial building application, giving the fastest response to slow burning or smouldering fires which give rise to large visible smoke particles.

The photo-thermal detector type responds quickly to fast, clean burning fires. They maintain an advantage over optical sensors when detecting smouldering fires which give rise to large visible smoke particles. The thermal enhancement of this detector allows a higher alarm threshold which provides greater rejection of false alarms. The detector will also raise an alarm at temperatures exceeding 60ºC. The heat detector option can be set in one of three sensing modes. Two fixed heat modes of 77oC or 92 oC and a rate of rise function which detects a rapid rise in temperature

Cooper CMT390 Conventional Fixed Heat Detector 92 Degrees (EFXN526 / MHT890)

Cooper offers a comprehensive range of conventional detectors that are compatible with Cooper, Menvier and JSB conventional control panels.


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MHT890 / CMT390 / EFXN526



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Conventional Detectors: Point

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Use with Eaton conventional panels


Aesthetically pleasing with a discreet design


Indication when detector is fitted in base

Don't risk a false alarm

The conventional detector range is designed to be used in environments where the ambient conditions might cause false alarms if smoke detection were to be used, for example where there is a high level of dust, fumes or smoke under normal conditions.

The flexibility of 5 detectors in 1


By combining five detection types into one device, multiple users benefit during specification, installation and ongoing maintenance:

  • Wholesalers – Reduces overall stock
  • Installers – Able to bulk by a single variant of detector and carry one variant around
  • Maintenance teams – Removes the need to carry smoke, heat and multi options


  • . Quick and simple to install
  • . Wide viewing angle for increased LED visibility
  • . Common mounting base
  • . Positive “lock” indication
  • . Discreet design for incorporation in to any décor
  • . Easy to maintain/service


  • . wo wire connection
  • . 360° visibility LED using light pipe technology
  • . Wide range of detector types
  • . Drift compensation
  • . Removable detector chamber
  • . Aesthetically pleasing
Model referenceOrder code
Common Detector Base (legacy replacements of MDB800 only)*EFDB800EFDB800
Conventional Detector BaseEFXN520EFXN520
Conventional Heat Sensor (Fixed Heat, 77°C)EFXN524EFXN524
Conventional Heat Sensor (Rate of Rise)EFXN525EFXN525
Conventional Heat Sensor (Fixed Heat, 92°C)EFXN526EFXN526
Conventional Optical Smoke SensorEFXN533EFXN533
Conventional Photo-Thermal SensorEFXN632EFXN632
Conventional 5 in 1 SensorFXN922400017FIRE-0031X
Firecat 12V detectorM12400001FULL-0001
Description:5 in 1 multi-mode detectorOptical DetectorPhoto-thermal detectorFixed heat detector (77ºC)Rate of rise detectorFixed heat detector (92ºC)
Standards:EN54 Pt 5 & 7 2001EN54 Pt7:2000 + A1: 2002EN54 Pt 5 & Pt 7 2000, A1: 2002EN54 Pt 5 2000, A1: 2002
Area Coverage:100m² (subject to local standards)100m² (subject to local standards)100m² (subject to local standards)50m² (subject to local standards)50m² (subject to local standards)50m² (subject to local standards)
Start-up Current:340μA (max)N/AN/A340μA (max)340μA (max)N/A
Alarm Temperature:N/AN/A60ºC77ºC60ºC92ºC
Operating Temperature:-20ºC to 60ºC-20ºC to 60ºC-20ºC to 60ºC-20ºC to 60ºC-20ºC to 45ºC-20ºC to 75ºC
Dimensions Excl Base (Dia x H):104mm x 42mm101mm x 33mm101mm x 33mm101mm x 43mm101mm x 43mm101mm x 43mm
Dimensions Incl Base (Dia x H):104mm x 55mm101mm x 45mm101mm x 55mm101mm x 55mm101mm x 55mm101mm x 55mm
Detection Mode:5 in 1 Multi-ModeLight Scatter PrincipleLight scatter principle & Heat sensitive elementHeat sensitive element
Operating Voltage:15V – 30Vdc
Standby Current:30μA (max)
Alarm Current:25mA (max)
Mounting Position:Ceiling in open areas
Mounting Options:Surface mount with standard base
System Wiring:2 Core
Indication:360º visible LED
Humidity (Non-condensing):0 to 93% RH
Ingress Protection:IP40
EMC:CE Marked
Suitable for use with:Eaton conventional fire systems
Description:Standard Base     
Construction:PC / ABS     
Dimensions (Dia x D):104mm x 22mm     
Suitable for use with:Eaton Conventional detectors    
Firecat 12V detector: M12     
Voltage:10 – 16Vdc    
Current:0.5 – 14mA     
Sensing Options:Optical
Heat rate of rise
Heat fixed temperature
Indication:Reasurance – pulse every 10s (optional)
Alarm – red continuous
Fault – yellow
Construction:                      ABS, PC     
Weight:                               0.08Kg     
Colour:              White     
Alarm Output:Relay     
Contacts:IA 30Vdc normally closed
Contacts open in alarms


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