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The Eaton CFVCM is a master handset designed for use with the VoCall range of emergency voice communication system equipment.

The Eaton CFVCM master handset is a ideal for use as a standalone system with up to 8 outstations or as part of a network capable of supporting up to 256 outstations and 8 master handsets.This master handset is capable of connecting both type A, type B and emergency assist alarms (using a 2 core radial) on each of its lines.

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Use as a fire telephone, disabled refuge or emergency assist alarm


Up to 152 lines enabling flexibility for larger installations


Whole site can be configured from the network master handset

What is a fire telephone and what do they do during an emergency?

Fire telephones are hardwired half duplex communications systems with monitoring and battery backup and are required in buildings over 4 stories in many countries in the world (in the UK this is governed by BS9999). These are provided as a backup to traditional fireman’s radio systems, which can fail to operate in many high rise environments due to a large amount of steel in the building, and the “corona” effect of fire on radio broadcasts.

Easy system connectivity with internal power supply

The VoCALL CFVCM emergency voice communication system is easy to install using its internal power supply. The unit also boasts an internal battery for power backup in event of mains failure. With global configuration you can, additionally, configure the whole site from the network master handset.

Network up to 4 master handsets for larger installations

Each system can have up to 4 VoCALL network master handsets which gives you great flexibility for your larger installations allowing all calls to be monitored from various control points within the analogue EVC system.

Be crystal clear in communication

Whether it’s wall or desk mount, the VoCALL network master handset, removes potential for confusion enabling crystal clear communication, with a clear 4 line back-lit display which shows the calling outstation name in plain text. Calls can be made to outstations by either dialing the number of the unit or choosing the name from a text dialing directory.

VoCALL – Trusted emergency communications system for projects large or small

VoCALL suits all sizes of installation from one and two outstation systems in small shops like Bon Marche, to a massive 364 line dual network system at Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City.

Over the years VoCALL has been installed on several high profile projects in some of the world’s most prestigious sites, from Wimbledon AELTCC and St Pancras stations in the UK to the Marina Towers and Jumeirah Tunnel in the Middle East


  • • Flexibility, the unit can be used as a fire telephone system, disabled refuge call system, emergency assist system or as a combined system
    • Global configuration, whole site can be configured from
    the network master handset
    • Directory dialling, speed dial and conference calling


 Up to 4 network master handsets per system
• Controls up to 152 lines (19 x 8 line exchange units)
• Monitored handset
• Large high contrast display (4 x 20 character)
• 12 key quick dial keypad
• Half duplex system
• Directory dial function
• Full system event log (fault & configuration)
• 16 character unique name per line
• Dual network ports
• Remote powered, no mains required


TEL: 254-774-211313

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