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Addressable Loop Mimic LED PCB (Master) – ZPCB2252-MML

The ZPCB2252-MML is the master PCB that interfaces directly to the CIE via the addressable loop interface. The master board takes one address on the CIE and is assigned its address during the auto-learn cycle of the CIE (refer to the CIE manual for more details). This board provides 32 LED outputs which are powered from an external EN54-4 power supply.

Addressable Loop Mimic LED PCB (Slave) – ZPCB2252-MSL

The ZPCB2252-MSL is the slave PCB which has no loop interface to the CIE but is directly controlled by the ZPCB2252-MML board. Up to 7 slave boards can be daisy chained to the master board and each slave has 32 LED outputs allowing the number of LED outputs to be expanded up to a maximum of 250 (not all LEDs on the 7th slave are used). The power to these additional LEDs is also from the external power supply but is transferred through the interlinking cable between boards. Cause and effect programming can be uploaded via the RS232 port to the master board to program how the LEDs will react to command/status information received from the CIE. This allows the LEDs to not only be used to show fire information but also faults, and can be configured to trigger by Zone, Panel, Loop or Address. These boards are typically used for providing visual indications for fire or fault conditions on a site plan overlay.

Addressable Loop Splitter Unit – ZPCB2222

The loop splitter Interface enables the expansion of the CF3000 from a 4 loop panel to a 16 loop panel. Each loop of the CF3000 is connected to 4 sub-loops, totalling a maximum number of 200 addresses per the main loop. Its mainly applicable in countries where the mixing of detectors, sounders, call points and interfaces are not permissible on the same loop or the number of devices per loop is limited to a small number.