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Addressable Device Programmer – CF800PROG

The addressable device programmer (CF800PROG) is a versatile tool to aid the installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of current intelligent addressable devices and fire systems. This unit is light, robust and easy to operate using a user friendly menu structure on 2 x 40 character LCD display. It is powered from a single PP3 size, heavy duty battery or an external supply. This addressable device programmer has a built in addressable base as well as two external terminals for use with all other current addressable ancillary devices.  

Addressable Loop Tester Kit – LP800KIT

The loop tester kit is a hardware/software combination that can be used to test, commission and fault find a loop of up to 200 addressable devices (detectors, sounders, ancillary devices), without having to connect the loop to an Eaton addressable fire alarm system control panel. Saving potential large amounts of time and as a consequence, money, compared to if a fault were to be identified after a being connected to the live system. The loop tester is connected between the loop and PC. It allows the engineer to quickly identify and locate any loop device that is operating outside of its operating conditions, by varying the alarm threshold of any loop device (alarm, pre-alarm and fault).

Addressable Panel/Interface Programmer – USBINT2

The analogue systems panel Interface is a universal serial bus converter that provides conversions from RS232 to USB, TTL to USB or TTL to RS232. These options provide the connectivity required between a PC and addressable control panels and wireless survey tools. Included in the kit is: USBINT2, driver CDROM, USB cable, RS232 cross-over cable and TTL cable.